We’d like to introduce you to some of the people
who make Local Buzz Small Business Solutions what it is today.

Veronica Mata

Veronica has worked for small businesses since 2011. In that time she has worked with a local garden center, self-published authors, and more, with her most important position to date being at a local escape room, The Clue Room. Fulfilling the role of Director of Marketing and Media for The Clue Room, she was responsible for maintaining their social media, blog, and website. She worked closely with the owners, assisting with marketing tactics and creating a wide variety of content for physical and online use. She received her Bachelor's in English Writing with a minor focus in Business, which has contributed significantly towards her enjoyment of working in the small business sector.

Josh Hunt

Josh has had a particularly eclectic 15 years in the small business world. He began at the same age, working for both a renaissance festival and small locally owned bakery during high school. Since then, he has helped manage a gym, a bicycle shop, an escape room, and a brewery, and obtained a bachelor's degree in exercise science along the way. Today, he works as an author and editor in addition to his role in Local Buzz, and maintains a passion for small businesses and the close knit communities that come along with them. If he had to name a specialty it would be writing across a a variety of formats, from scientific research to humor and satire to social media posting for small business marketing and advertising.